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Mit einer fundierten Karriere, die durch bewährte Kernkompetenzen in der Automobilbranche geprägt ist, bringe ich einen prägnanten, persönlich geprägten Arbeitsstil in jedes Projekt ein. Diese einzigartige Mischung aus Erfahrung, Fachwissen und Engagement ermöglicht es mir, stets optimale Ergebnisse zu erzielen.

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Was sagen ehemalige Führungskräfte, Kollegen und Kunden über mich?

Bernd joined Valeo in 2015. In my Sales and Business Development Network he was responsible for the Driving Assistance product group worldwide, one of the fastest-growing product entities in Valeo. During his tenure, Bernd had the ambition to sustainably expand the market leadership. He was very successful in this area. Bernd recognized early on the emerging changes and transition happening in the automotive industry towards SDV (SW defined Vehicle) incl. the resulting business opportunities. We could win and launch major projects together. Bernd has good communication skills in various cultural environments and is a competent and recognized discussion partner. He displayed good negotiating skills in critical challenges with customers. In addition to winning big businesses, this also makes him very successful in the management and handling of price negotiations or claims. As a leader he has developed a well performing international team that has operated  successfully at all customer levels in every region of the world. Whenever I needed advice in the AV/ADAS area Bernd was my go-to person as I always received honest and transparent feedback.

Axel Maschka

HYUNDAI MOBIS Executive Vice President & Member of the Executive Board and former Group Senior Vice President Sales and Business Development and Member of the Executive Board at Valeo

There are few People that I have met with the same great business mindset like Bernd. He truly understands and manifests the need to enable win-win business solutions and the key for success in how to make that happen through trust and real collaboration. In addition, the drive and energy that Bernd provides is a game changer. If/when he engage in something he will typically add great value for the team immediately as he is a winner, with the great spirit that embodies such a mindset. Bernd have a significant experience in global automotive business and not least in new technology within the areas of Safety and Connectivity & Infotainment as well Innovation in general and how to help new emerging tech companies in how to scale, grow and make the business happen from great idea into something that the Industry can really use for the benefits of the end consumers.

Magnus Leiner

Co-Founder of Rison, former Vice President Global Procurement Software & Electronics at VOLVO CARS

I had the pleasure of meeting Bernd as a highly esteemed senior executive, renowned for his close rapport with both customers and our internal team. His unwavering commitment to sound business practices and a balanced approach propelled our collaborative ventures forward with remarkable speed and a keen focus on leveraging technology. Bernd exhibited profound strategic acumen, particularly in long and mid-term planning, laying the groundwork for the establishment of an international customer development plan. On a personal level, Bernd exudes a delightful sense of humor, coupled with unwavering honesty and integrity, rendering him a truly trusted partner.

Stiv Smudja

Valeo Vice President Driving Assistance Product Group

Bernd was instrumental in driving our team towards unprecedented success and breakthrough. He possesses a remarkable ability to understand market dynamics, identify opportunities, and devise strategic plans to capitalize on them. His strategic insight and forward-thinking approach have consistently propelled our sales efforts forward, resulting in significant revenue growth year after year. Beyond his strategic acumen, Bernd is a true leader who fosters a culture of collaboration and excellence within our sales team. He leads by example, inspiring others to push beyond their limits and achieve their fullest potential. He cultivates a supportive environment where every team member feels valued and empowered to contribute their best. Moreover, Bernd’s excellent negotiation skills enable him to strike beneficial deals both in terms of strategic positioning and economics.

Guillaume Mignauw

Valeo Finance Director Driving Assistance Product Group

Bernd is truly unique as I have observed he is able to identify key emerging issues or trends in complex and ambiguous situations. He then able to use this to build and articulate a business strategy which not only drives profitable growth but exceeds the expectations of the customer. Bernd is driven, reliable and drives accountability within his team and those around him.

Matthew Cole

APTIV Senior Vice President and President Advanced Safety & User Experience; former Vice President Global Engineering at Johnson Controls Electronics

Bernd is an amazing professional. He is an energetic charismatic leader that gets result from his people through leadership by example. When we hired him at AEye he was instrumental in bringing in automotive knowledge, culture and mindset. This was something we needed at the time in order to successfully communicate with our partners. His leadership helped the operations team manage our relationship with our primary Tier1 at the time.

Luis Dussan

AEye Founder and Board Member

I have had the privilege of witnessing Bernd’s remarkable leadership and strategic prowess firsthand, and I can confidently say that they he is an outstanding professional in the industry. He has demonstrated exceptional global responsibility, leading a large team across various global regions with ease and delivering outstanding results. His strategic thinking and ability to understand market dynamics have been instrumental in driving significant growth and profitability. His ability to build trustworthy relationships with customers and stakeholders enabled unparalleled success in securing major orders from renowned European automotive manufacturers, as well as fostering partnerships with other key players in North America, Japan, Korea and China.

Martin Mandry

Valeo Vice President Ranging Sensors Product Line

I had the privilege of working closely with Bernd in Valeo’s ADAS as his peer. I was impressed by his leadership and his social skills. Bernd was highly appreciated by our customers as a trustful, fair, and reliable partner. He has outstanding networking skills which helped us to have access to right levels at our customers. I find it remarkable how he drove technical innovations like Domain Controller, Software Defined Vehicle and Software as a product which is very seldom for a sales and business leader. His attitudes and behaviours were the enabler and confidence for the business success in the ADAS area.

Uwe Brandenburg

Vice President Autonomous Driving at Luxoft, former Valeo Head of Engineering Driving Assistance Product Group

Bernd consistently exhibited outstanding leadership qualities, leading our Global Sales and Business Development Team to unprecedented success with grace and efficacy. His visionary approach and deep expertise in the automotive sector were crucial in advancing our relationships with OEMs and enhancing our partnerships with Tier 1s. Bernd’s instrumental role in nurturing a culture of collaboration and high performance within our team cannot be overstated. His exceptional leadership skills are apparent daily, and he excelled not only in guiding our team but also in serving as a motivational coach, especially valuable as we navigated the rapid evolution of a Silicon Valley start-up transitioning into an automotive supplier. Bernd’s remarkable ability to adapt and engage trustfully with diverse cultures and regions—whether it be with customers in Japan, Korea, North America, or his native Europe—underscores his unparalleled competence and the positive impact of his contributions to our organization.

Jordan Greene

AEye Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Office

I appreciate Bernd as a result-oriented, yet warm and human-centric person. We worked together to win business and conquer new fields. Not only were we successful, but we had fun in the process. I can recommend him for his business skills as well as a great team player.

Joachim Mathes

Valeo CTO Comfort and Driving Assistance Business Group

I worked with Bernd during my time as the CIO for the Automotive Electronics business unit in Johnson Controls. Besides leading the CBU (customer business unit) he had been the Site General Manager for the engineering- and headoffice-location in Karlsruhe-Durlach (Germany). With his extraordinary customer relationships and dedication, Bernd and his team were able to win significant new business from top OEMs like BMW, Mercedes and VW. Additionally, in his capacity as the Site General Manager, Bernd did great in keeping the engineering and administrative workforce informed and updated by holding regular business briefings (all hands meetings), attesting him empathic leadership and excellent communication skills.

Harry Walter

Interim-IT and M&A, former CIO for Automotive Electronics Business Unit